Dobro n00b seeks advice
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I need advice on learning to play Dobro-style guitar. Is there a tuning that's easier to learn on than the others? How about steels--what's the best to start with? I have a "resophonic" guitar, an Epiphone with a radiused neck. I just ordered a squareneck nut extender & I want to start learning now.
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Best answer: I don't play Dobro but I've found the lessons on Music Moose here to be useful for mando, so be sure to check them out.
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Best answer: If David Hamburger's dobro book is as good as his acoustic guitar method, it's likely to be worth looking at.
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Best answer: G-B-D-G-B-D is as easy a tuning as you're gonna find.
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Best answer: Stacy Phillips is a great Dobro educator and his Complete Dobro Player is hard to beat. Full of music learning but a great informational read as well if you want to learn about the history of the instrument. Especially useful if you want some bluegrass background but are interested in other kinds of music as well (blues, swing, jazz, Hawaiian etc.).

sourwookie has the most common Dobro tuning, start there for sure.
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Response by poster: monkeymadness, I love Music Moose! Sadly their Dobro pages are just stubs, but I'll be checking out the Darlin' Corey banjo videos. Thanks for the tuning tip, sourwookie. I'm still considering the books. Thanks, folks.
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Open G is very common.
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