What's the name of this carnival?
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I saw a carnival on Sunday while driving from San Jose to Oakland on the I-880 North. It was to my left. Does anyone know if will be operating tomorrow (Sunday) or have any information about it?

I am almost positive it had a Zipper and ferris wheel. That's all I've got.
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I saw it too, while driving south. Looked to be roughly Alameda-ish in latitude. But I don't know anything else. I'm curious too!
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Could be here, but it looked more like a carnival than craft expo. Does this look like the right location to you?
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I think I know what you're talking about. A little bit before you get to Hegenberger & the coliseum, right? There's basically nothing around it, and I think there's like... a pick-and-pull, or some kind of auto shop on the other side of the freeway?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's there for the long-haul; I see it all the time. (I've never actually been, though...)
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It shows up a few times a year, I may be heading to Sears later and may try to swing by to see if I can get a street address. there's nothing on the tubes promoting it and no business nearby that sells/rents equipment that I could find. My best guess is that it's a parking/repair yard for equipment and that's why it's set up there.
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