And I'd like it on a silver platter too, please.
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The other day I heard a french song on the radio that really struck a chord with me. After hours of searching, I discovered what it is called, Cette Fille, by Martial. Now I want to listen to it at my convenience, but where o where do I find it?

I ran off merrily to the itunes store only to discover that they don't have it. I found it on but you have to buy the whole cd, which I am not interested in. I'd prefer to obtain the single song at minimum cost from a legitimate service where I don't have to worry that my credit card will suddenly run away. Am I going to have to pony up 13.99 for 9 extra songs I don't really want?

It's on the cd Putumayo Presents: Euro Groove and when I listened to the other samples from the cd, none but Cette Fille really caught my attention.
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Morals aside.

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OH, legitimate. Huh. Sorry about that.

Still, not a bad backup solution.

Some folks feel that the unavailability of deeper-catalog stuff like this through legitimate digital services legitimizes piracy to some degree.

Not sure where I am on that, but I'll leave the deciding what's moral to you.
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Response by poster: I mean that I don't want the flashy illegitimate BUY ME NOW sites that I am afraid of giving credit info to.

I have no morals, so downloading isn't a real issue.
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I've checked a number of french websites, the mp3 is nowhere to be found.
But apparently, it's available here.
I don't know this website, so you'll have to check it out.
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IF you don't mind turning to the internets:

and if this is indeed the song, I think it is but not certain.
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Response by poster: @occidental: yes indeed it is! This is great for now until I figure out the next step. i think I might be shelling out for the cd on Amazon. The site suggested by nicolin requires you to but at minimum 19.99 credit for downloading songs.

now if I just understood the lyrics ;)
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I've done everything, sent flowers, telegrams...
Wrote love letters with my tears as ink...
A few chosen words on paper...
A few words to say that I still love her...
I'd do everything to make her my Queen,
The King, The Jack, the Joker, whatever card she wants.
Even if I had to go against winds and tides,
I'd be the last man standing in a whole army...
I've thought, rethought, gently approaching,
to have the courage and get over my shyness!
Make the first move towards her
And not cut off my fingers or sprout wings.
There are days like this when we feel stronger,
Ready to make an effort, ready to fight hand to hand
And yet I'm still alone with my lines, and quietly I wait...
I wait for her sign.

But that girl never looks at me
Oh that girl never looks at me

Never looks at me

Like a fool we cross paths every monring
And with no reaction, we pass, without me saying anything.
It's like a shock in me, that brings a fear,
Like a vampire gets a stake in the heart
I don't think that people understand,
No, love isn't like this, and this is my pain
So I keep on with my head down, my heart broken
But beset by dreams
And why is it like this? don't ask me.
Why this feeling, I don't understand.
I know that she knows deep in her soul
That for her I'd move mountains.


And if, on eday, that girl were to look at me
Is in love's name she lowers her guard when we pass
If something was there between us
If she sees, at last, the fire in the depth of my eyes
I swear that I would instantly
become a so-called Prince Charming
Even if I hear "hey, that's life"
And all this remains a Utopia

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Hee, that's an awesome song. Thanks for posting this question, silkygreenbelly.
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