I need this shirt in my life.
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I need to find this shirt.

For realz...I need it. Bonus points if you come across other cool keytar t-shirts on your journey.
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I believe it was produced by this company. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to appear in their catalog. Perhaps this or this will suffice?
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According to this board discussion, the shirt was originally offered by Local Celebrity. However, a quick browse of their available tees suggests that it's no longer in stock.

You might want to write the company and inquire as to whether they might reprint the shirt. Perhaps start a petition! With enough expressed public interest, I'd imagine they'd be quick to re-print.
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Ah yes, a quick search on the Wayback Machine corroborates my suspicions. The shirt was indeed available through Local Celebrity, but is no longer available.

However, here are a few pretty awesome keytar shirts:
Yamaha SHS-10 is ready to rock - Synth style!
Kitty playing a Keytar AND wearing an Energy Dome!
Keytar Hero (if you're into that sort of thing).
Keytars didn't get old....you did, man.
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If you have the skills, printer, and time, you can also buy some iron-on transfer paper (Avery makes some) and make your own tee-shirt.
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If you want to make the shirt yourself, don't bother with the iron-on transfer paper method. Just create your design and then use cafepress, zazzle, spreadshirt, or any of the other many custom shirt makers. It cost less since you don't need to buy a whole pack of that special paper, and the quality will be better since they print it directly onto the fabric.
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I agree with not_on_display: at a local craft store like A. C. Moore you can get a quality cotton t-shirt for less than $4 and a pack of transfer sheets for less than $8. In response to recursion, it will definitely be cheaper to make even three or four t-shirts yourself than to go through cafepress or zazzle, with shipping costs and labor and such, but there is of course the quality issue. My girlfriend went through a phase of making transfer t-shirts quite regularly for friends, and by the end was skilled enough to make shirts that have gone through dozens and dozens of washes without any fading. I think it's worth the effort, but for a quick fix an online store will make a great shirt that will definitely last. Good luck!
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I saw it over here before. My freind has that tee.
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