How can I tranfer my contacts from one Sony Ericsson phone to another?
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How can I easily transfer the contacts on my old Sony Ericsson W810i phone to my new Sony Ericsson S500i phone?

When I transfered the sim card, it appears it only took numbers with it, no names or complete contact information. I'd like to transfer all my contacts from one phone to the other, preferably in a fast one-time way.

(I'd be ok with downloading sofware to do this, if you can point me in the right direction. I'm using Windows Vista.)

Thanks in advance for the help!
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I assume that if you get the "PC suite" from Sony Ericsson site that will allow you to sync your contacts with outlook. It does with my w800i. You should then be able to sync your new phone with outlook.
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Link to the PC suite for the w810i
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Link to PC suite for the S500i
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Is there a way to do this without Outlook? (I don't use it)
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If you have access to a Mac iSync will do this for free.
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I suggest trying MyPhoneExplorer. I've never used it to populate an empty phone, so I'm not certain it can do the sort of transfer you describe, but it's the best sync / backup tool I've found for my k790a. I use it under Windows XP, and I assume it will work in Vista.

MyPhoneExplorer should work with any non-symbian ericsson phone. I don't know whether the S500i is symbian-based, but my guess is that it's not.

(It'll sync to your google calendar, too -- pretty awesome.)
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On my w850i I have an option to "Back up to M.S." when I go into Contacts > Advanced. There is also an option where I could "Restore from M.S." check if you have that option and your new phone has that option as well. It should work perfectly.
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Thanks for all your answers.

I don't really know what I'm doing, and how, but I managed to get all my contacts from the old phone downloaded into MyPhoneExplorer, and from there into Outlook.

Now I'm trying to connect the new phone, but it doesn't want to. If I try to connect it to MyPhoneExplorer, it tells me: "Could not open COM6!" and if I try to connect it to the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, it keeps telling me that there is no phone connected to the PC. Anyone has any idea why the new phone won't connect? (I'm using the USB cable.)
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