Greenify my Patty's Day weekeing in Chicago
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What are some not-to-be-missed events, activities, bars, and traditions in Chicago for St. Patrick's Day?

I'll be in Chicago next weekend -- my first St. Patty's Day there -- and was wondering what shouldn't be missed. We plan on watching the dying of the river as well as the parade, but what else should we do?

(We're staying in Lincoln Park, FWIW, and willing to go pretty much anywhere in the city as long as public transportation gets us there.)
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Well, this might not be so helpful, but the South Side St. Patrick's Day Parade (a bit more Irish and Catholic than the downtown version) is being held tomorrow. You might check it out next year, I suppose.
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They dye the river green. Really really green. Stand on the bridge at Michigan Avenue-- normal color to the west, green (really really green) to the east.

Dress warmly for the parade. St. Pat's Day is mid-winter in Chicago. Expect wind chills in the teens or twenties, at best.
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On preview. Okay, now I finished reading the post. River green, face red.
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Unfortunately, the South Side St. Patrick's Day parade has been moved to this weekend, so it doesn't get in the way of Palm Sunday. The South Side St. Patrick's Day parade is pretty much my idea of hell, but it's definitely an "authentic" Chicago St. Paddy's Day tradition. And by "authentic," I mean "an affront to everything having anything to do with Ireland, but an accurate representation of the mindset of some people whose ancestors came from there a long time ago."

Next Sunday, the Abbey Pub on Elston and Grace seems to be having a big post-parade music extravaganza. I'm not familiar with all the musicians, but I bet it will be good. (The one I am familiar with, flute and whistle player Larry Nugent, is extraordinary.) Chief O'Neill's, the other big Irish music pub, should also be having something. If you like traditional Irish music, you should go to one or both of those places. I'm a bit out of the loop, but I think they're still considered the best in town.
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I would recommend you go see the Tossers (and the other bands) Friday the 14th at Metro. The Tossers are a Southside Irish band - Folk / Punk / Irish and a total blast live. Their live shows are great normally, I imagine St Patricks day will be even better.
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