North American CD Replication using Super Jewel Boxes?
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Are there any CD replication houses in the US or Canada that offer the Super Jewel Box as a replacement for a standard jewel case, when ordering retail-ready CDs?
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Not the answer you're looking for but I can tell you that as a worker in a CD store, we HATE those boxes and most other packaging that is not standard. CD cases are fragile and break often. Parts that cannot be replaced with standard sized parts from regular cases means the whole case is junked when anything goes wrong with it--this is terrible for the environment.

Further, in my experience customers can't stand the way booklets go into these boxes. That new Zeppelin case is a perfect example. The booklet tears and folds when most people try to take it out.

And, when we have product that's available in both "super" and standard jewel cases priced identically, the regular cases always sell first. There hasn't been a single title that we've seen be the exception on this.
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Response by poster: Speaking as a DJ, the SJB is a thousand times better. It doesn't break when I drop it, it doesn't open by itself if it's upside-down, the hinge doesn't stick, etc. It's a better mousetrap.

I do understand your point about in-store part replacement, but the CD isn't going to be sold in stores, so it's a bit of a non-issue.
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This is a non-answer, but I was just curious whether you've already exhausted the possibility of contacting the SJB people directly and asking?

Their contact info is
Super Jewel Box USA, Inc.
1649 W. Collins Avenue
Orange, CA 92867
Toll-free : (866) 475-2872
Main : +1(714) 288-8960
Fax : +1(714) 288-8967
I would imagine they might be able to point you in the right direction. (You might have to go to a distributor and then contact them and see if you can find out the names of any replication houses they sell to.)

Looks like kind of a neat product ... I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
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