Can a number be funny?
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I have a show tomorrow night, I know nothing about sports, and I need to mod a hoodie. Help with funny/edgy names and numbers.

So I'm playing with a band tomorrow night and it was decided our dress theme would be any shirt, jersey or jacket with athletic style, including numbers and maybe player names.

So my plan is to pick up a hoodie, and use iron on lettering to put a number and maybe a name on there, but I would like it to be a joke of some sort.

69 is so obvious it's lame, and 42, while a little better, is also too obvious.

Anyone got any name/number combinations to get me going.
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You mean fake name/number combos that are musical or sex allusions?
Or you mean some references to real players?
Of what sport? For what city?
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And what kind of music?
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Satan is funny.

Pagan, too.

Steve Heinze wore #57 for Columbus.

If you're just looking for general jokes... um... Loki, #13? Poo, #2? I'm with LobsterMitten, I'm not entirely clear on what we're trying to do.
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If drugs references are deemed to be hilarious in your circle, a big number 1 with the name "Burn" above it is a good standby. (I just bought a shirt with this on the back from Weedeater, but I'm sure I've seen it many times before).
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Wear 55378008 and then turn upside down.

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I always used 667 as the combination for my suitcase locks.


Because it was the neighbour of the Beast.
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You could wear the number/name of one of these disgraced sports stars, like OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, or whatshisface who's been in the news for steroids.
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667 is across the street from the beast. 668 is the neighbor.
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The band is some variant of power pop.

I'm not entirely clear on the type of joke I'm after also, so every idea is fair game. I thought about disgraced sports stars, and it is still in the running.

And Stitcherbeast, that is awesome.
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I saw a Jammer at a roller derby game with the number "3 × 10^8 m/s" (The Speed of light). I'm sure there are other mathematical constants that are hilarious (for the uber-nerdy).

I think it also depends on the name you want to put on the top of the jersey. The name/number combination is really what makes the humor.
An example:
42 by itself is good. 42 with the name Adams, Dent , Prefect or Beeblebrox above it is better.

It would be easier to help you if you could tell us the kind of band you are in. What's funny for a ska show wouldn't work at a metal show.

I'm seconding 55378008.
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Disgraced Sports stars: You should wear a #7 with "Ron Mexico" on the back. InstaClassic!
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It really really depends on the location and number as far as the location and number is concerned. I could put 23 on a hoodie, and if it were Bulls colors it would be Michael Jordan, if it were Cubs colors it'd be Ryne Sandberg. Same city even.

You need more direction on the statement you want to make.
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Annie Wrecksion.
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From the movie Clerks, "Try not to suck any dick in the parking lot!"
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You could also go with a fictional athlete - "Laloosh 37" or "Hobbs 7" or "Vaughn 99". The Hitchhikers fan in me thinks "Dent 42" would be excellent.
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Gaedel 1/8
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Austin 3:16?

I can't think of any awesome name/number combinations, though any number that's not a positive whole number might be good - fractions, negatives, square roots, whatever. Which raises a different problem: finding a giant iron-on radical. Absurdity might be more recognizable than some sort of reference.

Instead of a name, maybe just the word "Team" or "Sports" or something?

I remember seeing David Duchovny play basketball in some celebrity game thing on MTV, and instead of a number, his jersey had a big X. I think some of the other celebrity players had jokey numbers but I can't recall them.
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name: Mexico, number: 7
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Hmm, I popped in here solely to say this, so consider this post another vote for "Mexico 7".

I see that camcgee is on the same page...
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No one gave Double zero?
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You could wear Jessica Simpson's pink Tony Romo jersey or figure out what the lead singer or guitarist is wearing, wear the pink version of that and a blonde wig, and jinx your own band

or, you could wear a jersey for a guy who did exactly one notable thing ever, such as make one for David Tyree, who caught miracle pass from Eli Manning to defeat my Patriots.. did that game really happen? :(.. yes I think it really did
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you could wear a jersey for a guy who did exactly one notable thing ever, such as make one for David Tyree

A shirt with "David Tyree's Helmet" on the back would be great in NY and evil in New England. Also, I've always felt bad for Patriots Defensive Back Randall Gay (#21), who must have the worst selling jersey in the history of NFL Equipment. Maybe throw him a little love?
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