Upload file and embed in Google Calendar event?
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Is there any easy way to upload a file to one's personal server space and embed it into a Google Calendar event in a user-friendly manner at the same time?

I've been helping someone set up embedded Google Calendars on their website. Since the Google Calendar API is readily available to developers and people have already made Greasemonkey scripts for GCal, I was wondering: outside of using a separate FTP program for uploading and typing HTML to link to the file into a new event in Google Calendar, has anyone created an interface (online or Mac-compatible desktop app) where one could add an event to one of their Google Calendars, using a simple dialog to "add" or "upload" a file to the event and have a download link appear automatically in the event description?

He already has sizable webspace to work with, so something with a one-time setup of FTP information to connect to said space, without the user worrying about the specifics of the address/username/password information for each event in the future would be the ideal, though a service that works exclusively with a given free webspace would also be okay, if necessary. If there are any embeddable calendars available outside of Google Calendar that offer such a feature, that would definitely be a consideration as well.

Again, there's always the alternative of just manually uploading files via an FTP manager and adding HTML ‹a› tags to the events by hand, but as far as I'm aware, the person I'm helping isn't very familiar with HTML, so if it's at all possible to leave that step out, it would be a plus.

This is really kind of a shot in the dark, but if anyone has any information, many thanks in advance!
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