WIFI card that has drivers for OS X Leopard and can be sued for Backtrack
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Looking for a WIFI card that has drivers for OS X Leopard and can be used for Linux distro Backtrack..PS I have Hackintosh

so I Have a hackintosh and am looking for a WIFI card that has drivers for it in OS X Leopard and one that is usable in the Linux distro Backtrack.
thanks in advance for any and all help
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Here's a search that seems to have answers: wireless card drivers "OS X", which leads to:


"The WirelessDriver is an open source driver supporting Prism/Prism2 wireless cards such as the WaveLAN/ORiNOCO, Cabletron, SkyLINE and D-link PCMCIA cards for use with MacOS X and the Darwin operating system from Apple."


This Apple tech doc: summary - Mac OS X doesn't have third party drivers, but manufacturers may offer them, so check on their sites.


this third party driver from orangeware
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Response by poster: thank you for the start, but I'm looking for a specific model. that maybe someone has used and can guarantee works. also I tried the orangeware driver and it didn't work in leopard for me
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From the links above: "WaveLAN/ORiNOCO, Cabletron, SkyLINE and D-link PCMCIA" - those are model families that should work.

You can use those names as search fodder to find specific cards.
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Best answer: I guess cross-reference zippy's models with the Backtrack Harware Compatibility list wiki?
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WirelessDriver was last updated in 2002. Odds are that it doesn't work with Leopard.
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