Songs with dogs in them?
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Woof, woof. Woof woof woof. Woof. I need songs with dogs in 'em. Not about dogs, mind you.

So I was listening to Tom Waits' "Buzz Fledderjohn" during a run this week and was struck by how awesome it is that he's got a barking dog sampled in the front end of the song (right after the words "rottweiler, doberman," natch). It perfectly matches the grime and general grittiness of the song.

I tried to think of other songs that sample dog barks, and came up with Le Tigre's "What's Yr Take on Cassavetes" and Jane's Addiction's "Been Caught Stealing," which are also uniformly badass.

Can anyone else come up with songs that use dog barking to similar effect? Please do not mention "Jingle Dogs." I know about "Jingle Dogs." "Jingle Dogs" is not badass. Also, those are not actually dogs in "Who Let the Dogs Out?" They are the Baja Men, making fools of themselves.
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Check out "Seamus" by Pink Floyd.
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"Sure Shot", beastie boys. A dog says "I love you" in the first couple seconds.
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Towers of Dub by The Orb has a dog barking in it.
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pit bull grindcore anyone?
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Best answer: None of these songs are very "badass", but they do have dogs in them:

De La Soul - Dog Eat Dog
Sublime - Waiting For My Ruca
Why? - Dirty Glass
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Also, not surprisingly, "Dogs" by Pink Floyd.
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Black Sheep's Similak Child has two dogs barking in parts of the beat. The very beginning and then in long stretches during the refrain and at the end. Plus the song is kind of awesome.

So what's up with your mother, does she look as good as you?
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I'm pretty sure 'Bonin' in the boneyard' by Fishbone (it's on 'Truth and Soul') has a great barking and howling section.
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Best answer: Elastica - Mad Dog God Dam
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Suburbia, by Pet Shop Boys, has dogs barking in the beginning of the song. I don't think it's badass, but it's a great song if you like that kind of music.
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"Hip hop Bebop (Don't Stop)" by Man Parrish has dogs in it. It's an often used 80's dance record.
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K9 Fusion
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The Dog - The Damned
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Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out ;)
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"The Barking Dog Polka"
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Best answer: She Wants To Move by NERD has dogs barking at the start of it.
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Jingle Dogs is too badass...
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The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning (sounds of a hunt at the very end, incl. hounds)
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Jingle Of A Dog's Collar by the Butthole Surfers has a dog sniffing and panting at the end of it. And I feel it is sufficiently badass.
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I can't find a sound or video file, but Killing Joke's "Exit" is a very badass song with some dogs barking in it.
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Todd Rundgren - Dogfight Giggle (a brief and not very representative snippet - actually turns into a song)
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"Jingle Bells" and the B Side "Oh Susannah" by the Singing Dogs. Novelty song that Dr. Demento still sometimes plays. Only time I ever saw my father crying from laughing so hard.
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Woops, I think that's what you meant in your OP. Sorry.
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Pet Shop Boys - I Want A Dog.

Caveat with Kwantsar's answer - you might need the right mix. The one on Discography has the dogs at the start.
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There's dogs barking and howling at the end of Karma Killer by Robbie Williams (from I've Been Expecting You).
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Killing joke - exit
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Best answer: Dawg After Dark by David Grisman
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IIRC - Most every tune on George Clinton's album, "Dope Dogs"
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Sublime's "Garden Grove" has a dog barking as well, I believe.
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Good Dog Ska by Bim Skala Bim begins with a woof and has several woofs within.
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I have a song that doesn't have dogs in it, but that does have an interesting effect on dogs. Lotta Stuff by Geggy Tah has a sample at the beginning of the song, I think it's an owl of some kind. Every time I've played this song around dogs it causes them to go batshit. Even dogs that have previously shown no interest at all in recorded sounds. It used to make our family dog shiver and bark like crazy. Weird. Maybe interesting to throw into a mixtape for dogs.
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Modeselektor - The Black Block has a single bark in it right before the drop at about 3:30. It's just a good electro track, so its badass credentials are maybe a bit dubious.
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The remix of 'Quarterbackin'' which appears on DJ Benzi's Clipse mixtape, We Got the Remix, uses barking noises pretty well. It's a song about selling crack, and it appears on one of those illegal mixtapes you hear about these days.

And if you don't like the Baha Men, you might also dislike DMX. Dude barks a lot on his records, though. That's all I'm saying.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if this counts for your purposes, but Caroline No by the Beach Boys features dogs barking at the end, around 2:20.
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Best answer: There's barking and dog handling advice in (Blue Gummed Catahoula) Alligator Eating Dog as recorded by Clarence Gatemouth Brown - that dog has "ears like radar, eyes like fire, feet like a bear, hair like wire..." and some possible supernatural qualities.
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Iggy Pop barks when he plays I wanna be your dog.

No woofs but I had to mention Frank Zappa - Dirty love and its "Nothing but the best for my dog" lyric.

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Richard Cheese's cover of Been Caught Stealing has more dog barks than the original.
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Best answer: The Beatle Barkers, not about dogs, but BY dogs.
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"The Big Ol' Bug is the new Baby Now" by the Flaming Lips has enough dog barking to be overwhelming at volume, at least at the end of the song.
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The demo of "Every Grain of Sand" by Bob Dylan has a dog barking noticeably (and unintentially) in the background at one point. You want the one from here, not the one from here.
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"Bamboo Banga" on M.I.A.'s Kala uses this to the effect I think you're getting at, mixed in around lyrics that mention wolves, hyenas, and "doggin'", whatever that means.
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Best answer:
Maybe a little off topic, and very likely apocryphal, but Stalin supposedly had a favorite record of dogs barking out the melodies of famous Russian folk songs and after long nights of drinking out at the dacha would make his ministers dance while it was playing.

OK, that probably wasn't helpful. I'm sorry.
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The Monkees - "I Wanna Buy Me A Dog" - cheesy but has barking at the end of it
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Ha. Dean Milan, "Do it Like a Dog". Here.
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The very beginning of Amused to Death by Roger Waters has a dog barking, on the track "The Ballad of Bill Hubbard". Not badass; more incredibly depressing.
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Prince - La La La He He He
Love Prince, but I find the song a bit stupid.
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The Beatles' "Good Morning" has some dogs in there at the end.

I think, maybe, The Sugarcubes' "Chihuahua" has some dogs, but I'm only going by my iffy memory, so who knows, really.
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George Clinton's Atomic Dog - not sure if that has samples of real dogs but it's a pretty cool song.
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Best answer: buriednexttoyou has a song called Arboretum that is as good as music gets, and it also has a dog barking in it. (the link goes to MefiMusic, and you can download it from there).
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