Domain-tor? [realtor + domain]
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Is there such a thing as a domain name agent? Like a real estate agent, but for .com (or other) domains instead of chunks of land?

I have a handful of domain names I'd like to sell, but I don't want to bother with the hairsplitting exercise of looking at traffic & whatever else supposedly predicts popularity / marketability. I'm familiar with sites like, but I'm willing to pay someone a small percentage of actual sales price to do the selling / auctioning for me.

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Best answer: Is something like (Sedo what you're looking for?
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On preview, phoenixy has it.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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Best answer: yoga - there are moany more options than just Sedo. There are brokers and portfolio managers. Sedo is very passive. If you want to liquidate in any timely fashion you will want to contact a broker. If you would like specific information/advice I'm always happy to assist.
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