Media storage vaults in Manhattan?
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Media storage vaults in Manhattan? My company is looking to store physical media assets in an off-site fireproof storage facility. Any recommendations?

Would a modular fireproof safe be a better option? Or do banks regularly offer this service? We're storing tape and DVD back-ups for the most part. Our location is midtown Manhattan, and it would be preferable to have it nearby. Time is not really a factor here, so any recommendations you have would be very helpful.
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Iron Mountain can do this in Manhattan, and we used to use a company called Arcus here in SF, but I can't find their site so they may have been acquired in the past few years. Basically you're looking for document and data storage and protection services.
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There are a few, but most in the area are in New Jersey:
Bonded Services
Preferred Media


Fort Lee Film Storage
One Mt. Vernon St.
Ridgefield Park , NJ 07660
Phone: (201) 440-6200
Fax: (201) 440-5799

I don't have personal experience with any of these places, just second-hand information..
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