What to do with an old iBook and iPod?
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What to do with an old iBook and iPod?

The iPod is an original 5GB model, FireWire only, and still has good battery life. iBook is one of those non-G4 white ones, has had a battery replacement, and the DVD drive doesn't work (I use an external LaCie drive but otherwise everything is hunky dory).

I bought a new MacBook to cope with work needs and a new iPod because the old one is too big to take running. I hate throwing things away. I think recycling is dangerous, inefficient and in terms of the people who handle doing it, only borderline ethical. I've seen this page and have no problems being hands-on with hardware. Unfortunately the only option there I would consider is making a new external hard drive, but couldn't I do something with the iPod to make it suitable for essential backups and do something better with the iBook instead? Keep in mind I'm in the north of England before suggesting places to donate it. I lead a reasonably stripped-down life and use no computer other than a laptop so have no desire for a second laptop running linux or working as a home server or whatever. Ditto a digital photo thingy. Any ideas?
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Do you not know anyone who would love to have a Mac for web development, testing, etc.? I know that I'd be delighted with the spec you mentioned and keep scouring Ebay etc. for cheap deals. So my suggestion is Ebay it. And let me know when you do!
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Up front, my girlfriend needs a laptop. I'll pay for postage.
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How about donating to someone? We did christmas gifts for a local orphange at Christmas time and every kid was asking for a laptop or iPod. You could make someone's day.
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You could freecycle it.
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Response by poster: Did consider Freecycle but if giving it away is the way it goes, I'd prefer a more "tax-efficient" situation if possible.
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freecycle or a local charity shop. There's always people who's day would be made by getting these things.
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Keeping a second computer around is always useful for diagnosing problems if your main computer breaks down. Even if you don't use it, you may need it some day.
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don't you ever dump that first-generation, still-usable iPod! I have one and they're bound to become a sublime oldskool item. use the iBook as a doorstop, whatever, but don't ditch the ur-iPod
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Depending on the battery life, I'd be happy to take that iPod off your hands :D I will pay for postage.
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I'm using a Mac CX as a doorstop. Very handy. And the RAM's just right for the task.
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I'm using two G3 Clamshell iBooks as stereos in remote bedrooms. Each has an Airport, can see the 20GB music collection stored in the lounge, and with USB speakers (I had some Apple Pro's sitting about) are totally excellent music machines.

The iPod? I'd give it away to someone who wants but can't afford one.
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Seriously, hang on to that iPod. You've got a first-gen version of a landmark product there. It's a piece of tech and music history. That's going to become a collectible.
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The Goodwill in my city has a computer store and donations are tax decuctable.
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Whatever you do, don't bin it. There are quite a lot of chemicals inside that won't do the environment any good whatsoever.
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This is prime material for a random act of 'would you do good things with some old equipment. It's yours, nice meeting you!'
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