Which artists release both vinyl + mp3 downloads ?
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What artists have released vinyl records with an option to download the album on mp3 ?

I was at my local record store earlier today and I bought the Jack Johnson's "Sleep Through The Static" and I noticed that it had the option to download the album in mp3. I thought this was a neat idea and I wanted to know what other artists have done this and if there are any more that plan on it ?
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Some that I have bought recently are the Mountain Goat's Heretic Pride a couple Belle and Sebastian albums, but it's becoming a pretty common thing with indie labels.
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Several recent releases on Merge have this option, I picked up the last Robert Pollard on vinyl and did the download. Not sure if they do it for all their artists and it seems to be a limited time only thing. As an aside, I just noticed that Merge also makes newer material available in FLAC.
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Here are some more: Vampire Weekend, Fiery Furnaces, etc. (The two that mayfly wake mentions are also on that list.)
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The real question here is what record labels are making this standard now: Sub Pop has, along with Matador, Merge, Saddle Creek, and lots of other indie pressings. All of them include codes to download the mp3 along with the purchase of any new LP in their catalogs.
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Nine Inch Nails did it on the Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition of their new album.
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Jagjaguwar seem to be including a coupon for a free download on their new releases as well. My copy of Random Spirit Lover came with a link where the album could be downloaded an unlimited amount of times in a 24h period.
In a few cases they will even let you download the full album before the release date when you pre-order online.

I will gladly pay $5 more for a LP+mp3 over a CD, and I wonder why it is not advertised more (the Jagjaguwar website didn't even mention it, I found out when I opened the package)
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Over the Rhine has a deal like that for their current album.
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Wilco did it with Sky Blue Sky
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Beggar's Banquet does this. Everyone else I was going to mention already got mentioned.
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I believe this is standard with all Sub Pop vinyl releases now. Recently on that or other labels: The New Pornographers, Bishop Allen, The Shins, Iron & Wine.

With Wilco's Sky Blue Sky, for a couple of extra bucks, there was a CD stuck in with the LP.
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Oh, yeah, The National.
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OutlawedYeomen: agreed, I would also pay a few bucks more for the vinyl+mp3 over the cd. It is strange that labels don't advertise this more (but knowing how some are run its not surprising). Matador seems to be pushing this quite a bit on their website (very excited about the MoB reissues)
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Another from Matador: Yo La Tengo's I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

Shellac's 1000 Hurts came with an unlabeled CD in the box.
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Marah did it with a couple of EPs last year, "Counting The Days" and "Can't Take It With You". They may have done it on their newest album ("Angels of Destruction!") too, but I'm not positive.
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I've seen this option for Bright Eyes' Cassadaga and the "Four Winds" EP (both Saddle Creek, so that makes sense).

And, this isn't a download, but I believe there's a vinyl version of the latest Explosions in the Sky that came bundled with a CD of remixes from the album.
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Siouxsie Sioux is releasing her new music as vinyl, digital download OR CD format, including both the singles and the full album, Mantaray. She has been good about providing all formats to fans, including her work in the Banshees and the Creatures.
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While it's not quite the same, I received a CD with my vinyl copy when i bought The Con by Tegan and Sara from Amazon
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