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I've been able to reduce my debt and build great credit. I only have 1 credit card and they refuse to drop my rate, its pretty high and I they nickel and dime you for everything. Does anyone know of a website or a deal on a credit card that has a low rate, good reputation and free or low transfer rate?
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Best answer: Have you started your research at
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Best answer: Compare Credit Cards and Rates at
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Best answer: Fatwallet is the ask.mefi of finance.
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Best answer: OK, I meant.
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How pushy were you when you asked to them to lower your rate? I called once and told them that I was going to transfer my balance to another card and close my account. I just quoted the rate from an offer I received in the mail...0% for 1 year, then 12% or current rate was ridiculously high, like 16%.
The operator transfered me to a supervisor, who offered me a new rate of 9.99%, which I accepted.

I once did a balance transfer to a Chase credit card because they had a 16 month 0% offer- the rate jumped up to 12.99% after that, but I was able to pay down a significant amount during the 0% time.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the all the resources! Will check them out.

@ emd373 I was really pushy. The guy basically said "I don't care" when I stated I was going to close my account and go somewhere else.
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I've always used
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Response by poster: Compared the sites. Found a Citi card with no hub-bub and 12 month free transfer and very low rates! Thanks guys saved me a bundle!
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