Give me a ring. A pretzel ring.
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Where the heck can I find pretzel rings? Not twists, not sticks, not rods... rings!

I want to make these and these, but I can't for the life of me find ring-shaped pretzels anywhere. I have seen so many other shapes on the shelves -- even little letter-shaped ones for kids. Didn't pretzel rings used to be a standard snack item?

I live in Norwalk, Connecticut, but I'm in midtown Manhattan a couple of times a week. Where do I go? What do I do? I'd be happy ordering online, too.
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Best answer: Seyferts
I also believe Mike Sells has Pretzel rings.

Both of these are available for me locally in central Indiana.
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Best answer: You mean like these? (Second item from the top)
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Response by poster: Ahhh, thank you. It seems a bit ridiculous to order pretzels online, but I'm sick of running from store to store, moaning over the proliferation of tiny twists.

I really appreciate this.
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Best answer: Ener-G makes pretzel rings that are gluten-free, and pretty tasty. They're carried at Whole Foods where I am. You could probably check one of the few in Manhattan if you didn't want to order online.
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Response by poster: ghm, thank you! A close friend of mine recently had to go gluten-free, and the available snack products have ranged wildly in tastiness.
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The one thing you may want to watch out for is that instead of salt, those Ener-G pretzel rings have sesame seeds - I'm not sure they'll be exactly right for that salty/sweet chocolate-covered pretzel taste. To me they tasted (saltwise) somewhere between the average pretzel and a saltless one.
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instead of salt, those Ener-G pretzel rings have sesame seeds

I saw those too, and that's why I didn't post them -- I didn't think they would lend themselves well to candy-making. But I guess if you need a gluten-free pretzel, you could always rub the seeds off.
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You could also make your own pretzels. Alton Brown's are easy to make and taste great:
Soft Pretzels
Hard Pretzels
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Filter the pretzels out of a bag of Chex Mix.
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Looks like I'm too late. But just FYI: I found my mother's at Big Lots and the local Dollar stores (she only eats the rings and the sticks. so picky).
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