Suggestions for baby gifts in New York City?
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Where can I find cool baby gifts in NYC on a budget?

My stepsister just had her third child, a girl. I'll be in NYC mid-March and would like to pick up something for her/them. I'm not a cheapskate but I don't want to blow $150 on a cashmere diaper, either.

Any suggestions for funky stores with baby items would be appreciated as well as specifics. We don't have kids so I'm open to suggestions. Background: her two other children are twin boys, age 3 1/2, if that matters. Thanks!
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There are some NYC specific places in this thread.

For hipness I like Lucky Wang, 10th and broadway, crembebe 4th street and second avenue (go there after a wonderful lunch at Frank).
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Pearl River on Broadway between Broome and Grand. Lots of cool baby clothes (check out that tiger hat), plus metric tonnes of various bric-a-brac. I just bought my niece some clothes there, plus a lamp shaped like a frog.
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I can't help you with places to buy stuff in NYC, but here are a few gift ideas: a hooded towel (homemade) - one of my all time favorite gifts that I received when I had one of my children, a box of diapers, make a meal for the family, a bottle of Dreft and Baby OxyClean.
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Response by poster: Hell yeah! Thanks! I'm definitely hitting up Pearl River and Lucky Wang. Frank is on the shortlist too -- I love Italian and the East Village is a lot of fun.
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My default-gift is always a book on sign language for babies. Unless your stepsister is totally opposed to the idea of her baby signing it will be incredibly helpful. The babies I know who can sign scream a lot less than the ones that can't tell you what they want.
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I've been dying to give these to a baby girl, Mary Jane socks. The little ballerina one's are cute too.
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