Help me use two big sheets of rubber.
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What can I make with 2 7'x5' sheets of rubber?

My Coleman air mattress failed and I had to cut-out and send-in the valve panel and the logo panel. This leaves me with 2 7'x5' sheets of rubber.

I know I should just toss these in the dump, but my dad is a WWII survivor and I am my father's son (pack rat). Plus I believe in reduce, REUSE, recycle...

What can I do with these? At the least, can some sort of charity use these?
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention, I only had to cut 2 of the 4 side panels, so if I wanted to, I guess I could turn this into either a ~15' x ~5' OR a ~11' by ~7'.
posted by crazy finger at 8:22 PM on March 4, 2008

Liner for a frog pond.
Rolled up behind the seat of your truck, ready to keep your clothes clean next time you have to change a tire.
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You can never have too many tarps. Like hortense says, roll them up and put them in your car. Someday, a tarp will be needed (and it will happen), and you will be prepared.
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* Giant slingshot
* Huge rubber band for a rubber band powered airplane
* Some sort of crazy musical instrument
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Floor/shelf protection for area around fishtanks! Donate to crafty types to make messenger bags, or if you are the crafty type, make your own.
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2nding tarps

Noise installation for a large noisy machine (washer dryer/old fridge/generator) is a good use for the material, though it's not as thick as the expensive ideal material they sell for car interiors.
To do that just place material between machine and ground or surface it may vibrate next to.
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Donate them to the local preschool. Free open ended craft supplies for kids are always great.
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Sounds like the perfect size to lay on while working under a car. Roll it up and put it in your trunk.
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Boo. Solar hot water heater. Use them as the thermal lining for the box OR put the coils directly between them.
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Make a skin on frame kayak!

I'm sure there are more impressive plans out there. This one just looked easy.
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Response by poster: Awesome answers, thanks! If I didn't already have a kayak, I would try that... still might for fun.
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