Moody Adolescent Girl Gets Attached to Poem Found in School Library, Neglects to Steal Book
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A poem about a girl tearing up a letter and throwing it into the ocean?

I encountered this poem 12 years ago, in some sort of collection. I have the feeling the poet was female.

The content goes like this: a young girl receives a letter from a boy, then runs to the sea, tears up the letter, and flings the pieces into the water. Part of her motivation for this, was to keep her mother from finding or reading the letter. The tone is upbeat, and not at all mopey or somber, if I remember correctly.

I can't remember much of the lines. The narrator may or may not have referred to the ocean as some variation of "big, blue, bounding". And the girl may have been tearing up the letter so her mother couldn't find the letter, or read it, "no, never".

I've been looking for the poem, on and off, for several years now. I have decent Googling abilities, but nothing of the sort has ever turned up upon my searches. If you can point me to this poem, despite my shoddy memory of it, please end my Eternal Search of Frustration.
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Better late than never.

And the road runs with you and you run to the sea
the big blue beautiful bounding sea
and you tear it up the letter the beautiful letter

Rhythm Road: Poems to Move to
By Lillian Morrison
Published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, 1988
ISBN 0688070981

Morrison appears to be an editor. The poem also appears in a collection called There's a Little Ambiguity Over There Among the Bluebells from 1968.
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roger ackroyd, I could really love a man like you.
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