Someone's in the Kitchen With...
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Wasting My Question But I Can't Help It: Does anyone remember a small flash movie (as in twenty seconds and a couple frames) of a high angled shot of a kitchen and then...

...a woman, dressed in white, walking through the shot looking up at the camera? It was sent around in e-mail for awhile.

The motion wasn't fluid. Sort of like a security camera feed (though this, pretty sure, was shot in color).

The camera was a fixed angle, like it was perched on the refrigerator, looking down into the room.

Freaked me out when I first saw it back in, say, the late 90s. Which is why I remember it, I guess. It'd be cool to watch it again and see if it holds up.

I've tried searching any combination of 'kitchen, woman, blah blah' etc. and haven't found anything.

Which is why I'm wasting my question.


ps - If anyone knows the story behind it, that'd be cool to know too.
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I don't know the exact image you're talking about, but it sounds like one of the "surprise" images from back in the day.

There were a few around, and most of them came with text along the lines of "great optical illusion, get really close to the monitor and watch!", then it would flash up something and startle you. Some came along with a scream to really solidify the effect.
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Reading your post reminded me of this picture, but it's not a kitchen.
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Response by poster: Lain, that's pretty close though. Exact same concept just different location.

CS, I'm gonna google those images. Will report back with findings.
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