cute diy boat decor, plz.
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I'd like to do some interior design/cozying to my sailboat's interior. Before charging off with a sewing machine and some rubber cement, I thought it might be good to seek some advice. Got any?

Here are two photos of my current interior.

I really want to warm the place up a bit, make things comfortable and homey. At the same time, whatever I do needs to stand up to moisture and general boat skank. I've started by sanding down and coating the cabinets with teak oil, but don't know where next to go.

Any experiences to share? Any mods to avoid? I've been looking at CRAFT magazine and a few other sources, but not getting very far in terms of practical ideas that would work on a boat. I've also asked some sailing friends, but haven't gotten a lot of helpful advice -- their boats are either too new or nice to make an equation with my shabby environs.
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I'm clueless about sailboats...

that said, I have a boston whaler powerboat and spend way too many hours on a whaler discussion board...

Were I to need info about restoring a whaler, I would ask the folks on that board, I would instantly get 20 answers...

I would encourage you to find a sail boat restoration board to ask this question....

and, nice looking boat!
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I can't really add a lot to this thread other than to link to this Ikea Hacker entry where some guy used Ikea cabinets to refurb his galley.
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Best answer: Check out the Ashley Book of Knots at your local library for some ideas for decorative knotwork. A large ocean plat mat with flemish coil would look great on that deck.

You might also want to check out books by Hervey Garrett Smith.
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Best answer: Your boat doesn't look too different than this Tripp 30. The key I think is lots of padded cushiony places to sit along with books and other amenities.
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