Driving from Austin to Salt Lake--NEED SUGGESTIONS!
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I'm driving from Austin to Salt Lake City the last week of April and need suggestions on things to do, see, stay, eat and drink. All suggestions and ideas are appreciated as I've never been there before!

We can't go through New Mexico due to a pact he made to a friend several years ago (don't ask) and are planning on driving up through Oklahoma and across Colorado to the Four Corners before heading up to Salt Lake.

We leave Austin on Monday and our flight home from Salt Lake is Saturday.

Do you have any recommendations on places to stay? I'd rather camp; he'd rather stay in cheap-o motels. Any must see places to see, eat, drink? Neither of us have been to this part of the country before (we're from the Northeast) so we're really excited. I'm a photographer so the more scenic places the better.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Do not miss the Red Iguana.

Since everyone from Austin has a road bike, bring yours along-the biking here is top-notch. A lot of lower-altitude (4000-6000') mountain bike trails should be dry as well.

For drinks, I like The Red Door on 3rd south downtown.

Another great downtown eatery is Settebello Pizzeria
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Response by poster: Also, let me just add I've never been to Austin before either! I have a good friend who's looking forward to showing us his town but we'll be flying into Austin from the Boston-area to spend the weekend before heading out to SLC.
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Do not miss the Red Iguana.

Heh, I came here to mention this. I'm sure Mexican food in Austin in quite good, but the Red Iguana is really quite superb.
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Four Corners Monument is an absolute hole these days. It's on a Res, not well taken care of, and in a very flea market environment. I was SO disappointed when I went.

Hovenweep is down that way though, and I've heard good things about the ruins there.

As you get toward Central Utah, there's Nine Mile Canyon in the Price area. If you're into petroglyphs, that's a can't miss place.

Vernal has the DinosaurLand National Monument, and the Dinosaur Quarry there is really cool.

I like Gateway Mall once you get to Salt Lake. Good sushi there at Happy Sumo.

Park City is nice, but it's still ski season there, and if you're not going to ski, you'll find it crawling with rich kids on skiing trips.
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OH! And if you'd like to drive me some Dublin Dr. Pepper up from Austin, I'd be more than happy to pay for it when you get here.
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Here's my more fleshed-out version of the above recommendations, from another question.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for all the Utah stuff, Sly!
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It's my pleasure. I live in a nice place. :)
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jenlyn1123, please check your Mefi Mail.
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I'd recommend pulling over in Guthrie OK to take a look at the largest Masonic cathedral in the US and to eat some barbecue at the Boneyard Grill.
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Also, if you go through Moab, Utah, or Arches National Park, I'd recommend taking a drive along Petroglyph Drive to see some primitive artwork.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that looks cool. Has anyone driven through any of the State Parks in Utah? Will we be ok in some dinky rental car or is 4wheel drive a must?
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You won't need 4 wheel drive unless you are going offroad. The roads through Canyonlands and Arches are paved. It's a truly stunning place.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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