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How can I output one Xbox 360 to two TVs?

I want the one Xbox 360 signal to output to two TVs. I want the same exact screen, just playing on two different TVs. How would I do this?
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Best answer: You need a component splitter. Splitter here:
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If you happen to have a decent AV Receiver, some of them feature a second Monitor Out (or second Zone). Splitters (especially unpowered ones) can degrade the video signal/quality, but the one linked above sounds fine. Just make sure they accept returns if you're not happy with the signal quality.
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Best answer: If your 360 has HDMI you could also use an HDMI splitter. A simple 1-to-2 model costs about $20 and there's no video quality degradation.
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Good Lord! $70 for a splitter when you could pay $5? Unless you're going, like, 50 feet you ought not to need the line driver. Here's a component splitter adapter for $3.87 and HDMI splitter for $15 (passive). Or there's this bizarre thing that takes in HDMI and goes to HDMI and DVI for $12.

Or if you're outrageously cheap (I am), you could just buy some RCA leads from Radio Shack and wire them in parallel with your current component cable. That's all a component cable is, really - three RCA leads. Add three more and some random wire and WHAM - instant splitter cable! It might look like a mutant, but whatever - as long as it works, right?
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