Make my logo biggest
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Make my logo biggest

For the next two weeks, I and several design buddies will be in design/production hell, doing massive amounts of work, 12-16 days, 6-7 days a week, etc, etc

We need lots of amusing and design/production related things to crack us up and not completely lose it. Things like "Make the Logo Bigger" i.e. funny yet design related. Links, sites, mp3s whatever.

Whatcha got?
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the ultimate motivational speech.
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Make Mine Shoebox
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Duncan Channon's Holiday video, How to Create Your Own Ad
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This should keep you busy for a while:

Interactive Art Director Student Research Group
(Funnier than the name would suggest.)

John Stossel discusses graphic design on 20/20

Trajan is the movie font
also see: Etched in Stone

Behind the Typeface

Viral Infection. Only makes sense if you've seen the Subway video, which is funny in the sense that self-important douchebags are funny.

Design Police

Creative Department Douchebag

Ze Frank's communication skills

Make My Logo Bigger Cream (joke goes on far too long, unfortunately)
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I know this isn't really an answer to your question, but robin williams' live on broadway got us through architecture school. You can keep working while you listen, and before too long you'll know it by heart... aw, I miss studio.
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