Tailored business suits in Sydney, Australia?
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I would like to set up an appointment, get some fashion suggestions, get a tailored business suit, and become a satisfied customer. (Sydney, Australia)

I'm looking for something modern but not designer-label-cutting-edge, in other words, nothing overly expensive.

I am short in stature with medium build, if that makes a difference.

Please share advice and experiences!
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You need a personal shopper! You live in a major city, so your high-end-of-mid-range department store should absolutely be able to provide this service.

I know nothing about Australian retail, but err, David Jones looks like the sort of thing that would have a contemporary menswear department?
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Response by poster: I'm surprised to see a response after one month!

I was more after personal experiences but I have received good advice from shop assistants in large department stores, and that's probably enough. Thanks DarlingBri!
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