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I need to send a basket of goodies for a bereavement in North Carolina. Said basket needs to be delivered (between Greensboro and Chapel Hill). Anyone have recommendations?

I was thinking fresh fruit or the like. I looked at the usual sources (1 800 Flowers, FTD, Hallmark.com) but thought there HAS to be other alternatives out there.
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Harry and David
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I've had good luck with Southern Season in Chapel Hill. Dumb name but a very good store.
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If the specific recommendations from locals don't happen to pan out, I've always had very good luck calling someone genuinely local (\(watch out for the FlowerCo fronts with local numbers for their international call center\)) and giving them a price range and whatever minimal guidance is necessary to fit the occasion. The florist gets to be creative for a change \$1, with more (sometimes karmic) bang for your buck.
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A Southern Season is pretty much a go-to organization around these parts -- they're based in Chapel Hill -- for gift baskets (as long as you aren't too set on fresh fruits/vegetables). They are fairly customer service-oriented; you would probably do well to call them and just talk to someone.

However, I did find some free shipping specials on their site.
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another option might be weaver street co-op market, it is a fantastic market outside of chapel hill. i have no idea if they deliver or do gift baskets but they definitely have fresh everything (fruits, veggies). might be worth a try (or they could refer you).
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Best answer: Zingermans Deli doesn't have fruit, but it does have coffecakes, breads, and other stuff that's great. Also, my mom always sends a turkey package from honey baked ham -- it comes with the cut turkey and bread and the fixins for sandwiches. It's been a big hit.
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Edible Arrangements

"flower arrangements" that are made of fruit cut up and arranged to look like flowers. Pretty and super yummy!

web site: http://www.ediblearrangements.com/

Chapel Hill store:
410 Market Street
Suite 345
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Phone: 919-338-2115
Fax: 919-338-2115
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Response by poster: I've had Zingerman's, (I don't know why I didn't think of them) and although it's not close to where they are, it fits the bill *perfect*!

Thanks for all the responses!
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