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Please help me find a full-size, original version of this adorable picture!

The only copies I can find online are this one (which appears has been edited to have spelling errors) and this one (which still has a spelling error and looks terrible). Can anyone help? If someone can find the original photo of the puppy for me, that would be great too. Thank you!!
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This is a bigger version with a different lol caption on it. It sort of looks like the photo itself is really mushed up and it may be hard to finda non mushed version.
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Have at it.
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Although I hope to god that you change the "your" to the proper "you're" before actually posting it anywhere else. How dare they sully such a cute picture with improper grammar! (Saints preserve us!)
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This is the only version I could find that doesn't have any typing on it whatsoever. It's only 400x300. If you're wanting the "Who's Awesome? You're Awesome" motivational poster, You can run it through the Motivator.
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Here's one that I just 'motivated' for you in PS. I know the font's off, but I'm too lazy to figure out what the 'real' fonts are on the posters. Anyone want to give me the real fonts, I'll fix.
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