Help me find accent reduction classes in New York
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Looking for accent reduction classes/coaches in New York City. Can you recommend anyone?

Though I think I have a pretty good english for a foreigner, since I arrived in the US I noticed that there's room for improvement - I have been misunderstood many times on silly situations and I think that improving my accent would correct that and also act as a confidence boost.

However, doing a little search on the internet, I got the impression that this is one of those segments that, like speed reading and memory improvement, is filled with crooks trying to sell you their brand of snake oil.

Have you, or anyone you know, done any kind of accent reduction in English? If so, can you recommend anyone in the New York area?
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An actors' professional coach might be the answer.
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I believe that what you are seeking is elocution lessons.
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Best answer: Take a look at

Jayne Latz is a client of mine (I made the website for her) and has been a delight to work with - a good, honest person who seems to know her business, which is accent reduction and public speaking improvement.
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