I don't believe you're leaving cause me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream
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What was/is Charles Manson's favorite ice cream?

The lyrics of the Tori Amos song "Tear in Your Hand" suggest that this is somewhat common knowledge, yet google has failed me. What is Charles Manson's favorite ice cream flavor?
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Here's the relevant line:

I dont believe youre leaving cause
Me and charles manson like the same ice cream

I don't think she's saying that knowing Charles Manson's favorite ice cream is common knowledge. I think she's saying that her boyfriend is using the lame excuse of "you and Charles Manson like the same ice cream" as the reason he's leaving her. It's just something the boyfriend made up. And, it doesn't specify that he mentions flavor, just the same ice cream (he could be referring to a brand).
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I thought it was something to do with the ice cream assassin, God, religion, etc. She's previously said that the ice cream assassin is God. And she's said something before about Lucifer bringing her ice cream. So it may have something to do with religion.
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If Charles Manson's favorite ice cream is Tori's favorite ice cream. Then it is THIS (scroll to the bottom).
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I say Rocky Road, but my SO says Chunky Monkey.
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I've read every book about Manson that I could get my hands on, and I don't ever recall it being mentioned that Charlie liked any particular type of ice cream. He did love candy (which he called "zuzus") and always had plenty of it around Spahn and Barker Ranches, but no ice cream. In fact, I don't think there was a freezer at Spahn, and Barker didn't have electricity.
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I don't think the line means what you think it means.

Her boyfriend is equating some habit of hers with an evil person and then equating that Tori is evil, 'cause you know anybody who's likes the same X as such as evil person MUST be evil.

In short, she's noting that he's an immature prick, who's probably stuck on some perfect image of what a woman should be, as opposed to the delicious reality that is there before him.
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Brandon, summed this up very nicely for you.
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You know who else liked that kind of ice cream...

I agree with Brandon....
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Twas probably a mistake to even include the line that sparked the discussion.

I understand the line from the Tori Amos song very well. I know it has nothing to do with the particular kind of ice cream a serial killer enjoyed, or even with serial killers or ice cream at all. It just made me think that the type of ice cream Manson enjoyed may have had some press or significance somewhere and I wondered what it was.

So, thanks for the clarification, but I'm much less concerned with the Tori lyrics than I am with weird trivia about crazies.
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This question was asked in an interview with Tori years ago, and she did answer it, saying she'd heard Charles Manson liked xyz ice cream and it was her favourite too... but of course I can't remember what the ice cream was (except I'm pretty sure it was a Ben and Jerry's one) or where/when the interview was published.

I suspect it was in a British music mag circa 1994, so will go through my back issues and see if I can find it.

Even so, it doesn't really help because we don't know where she heard it from...
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Can't find the interview, sorry!
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