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How do you say " I got hit (in the head) by....(something)" I have to do an oral presentation in spanish but Im not sure how to say I was....i got hit? Im telling a story of when i got hit in the head with a swing...i have to use imperfect and preterite tense....any ideas
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If you can't get an answer here from someone who knows more Spanish than I, you should try the Word Reference Language Forums. They are full of questions like these. This past posting may be of help.
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Se me golpeó (the swing) is the basic answer.


se me golpeó en(por?)la cabeza la botella que me tiró el mono.= I got hit on the head by the bottle the monkey threw at me.

¿Esas botellas? Se me golpearon! ¡En la cabeza! ¡Joder! = Those bottles? I got hit with them! On the head! Fuck!

El mono me golpeó la cabeza con la botella. The monkey hit my head with the bottle.

Me golpeé cuando pasé por esa portal tan bajo = I hit my head when I went through that low doorway.

There may be some minor word choice issues, but that's several ways to say similar things.
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And for the record, if you're going to say something like while I wasn't looking before or after the se me golpeó (the swing) that would be imperfect.
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where that= while I wasn't looking.
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Native Spanish speaker here...

When I was a kid, I got in the head by a swing: Cuando era pequeña, me golpeé la cabeza con un columpio (preterite - indicates a single event that happened in the past)

When I was a kid, sometimes I used to get hit in the head by a swing: Cuando era pequeña, a veces me golpeaba en la cabeza con un columpio (imperfect - indicates an even that repeated itself in the past)

Is that more or less what you are going for, tense-wise?
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DrGirlfriend's got it. Stewriffic, to put it gently, has not. [/native Spanish speaker, also]
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To clarify, you don't need (or want) the 'se' before 'me', in this case.
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Another thing to note is that "golpear" is a bit too correct. A lot of people use "pegar" instead, and I think if you ask ten people, 7 would use pegar instead of golpear, just because it's more common.

Within a phrase, you would say "cuando era pequeña, a veces me pegaba en la cabeza con un columpio" or "una vez me pegué contra un árbol".

Just my two cents.
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Micayetoca, that's interesting because, to me (a Puerto Rican) both pegar and golpear sound too fussy. We say "me dí con un columpio". I guess it depends on where you hail from.
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Response by poster: okay thanx to all...i mean, gracias a todos or something like that
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