Cheap manicures in the West Loop?
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Cheap manicures in the West Loop?

Ms. Vegetable has the bad habit of picking her fingernails and cuticles, and one of the only things that has worked in the past several years is getting manicures on a fairly regular basis. Where in the West Loop can she get good, cheap (~$10-15) manicures?
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Try a local cosmetology school. They usually have lower prices than salons.
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Ummmm.... is it obvious what "West Loop" refers to? There is a West Loop area here in Fort Worth, TX, but somehow I think that's not the one you're referring to.
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Response by poster: Doohickie: the tags.
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Best answer: My Cheap Bastard's Guide to Chicago lists the following places with student services. (IE: services performed by students, not ON students.)

Aveda Institute (Clark & Diversy)

Pivot Point Student Clinic (Irving Park & Springfield) Manicures = $9

Cameo Beauty (Cicero & 94th) Manicures = $5

I know those aren't necessarily in your neighborhood, but they might be worth a shot.

I'm totally interested to know what other people have to say, as I've been wondering this very thing myself.
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In my experience so far, cheap manicures don't exist in Chicago. NYC seems to have cornered the market.

I, too, hope somebody can answer this.

(And yes, it's obvious what "West Loop" refers to to anybody who lives near Chicago!) :)
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