Where Can I Find a Good Laptop Stand With A Small Footprint?
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I'm looking for a laptop "holster" (not a stand, per se) for my Macbook that works exactly like this one, but doesn't cost $300. Does such a product exist?

I'm not so concerned about the materials, or the form factor. I just like the idea of a laptop stand that conserves desk space like that.

I'm toying with the idea of just wandering around Home Depot and assembling something myself. But I'd prefer to buy something if it exists for $60 or less.
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How about a couple of wood bookends with a piece of 1x1 in the center to hold them together. Like: _|-|_ . Cheap and can be stained to suit your decor.
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I have seen one for like $60 that is almost exactly like this, just a little less flashy. I can't find the link for it right now, but it does exist.

I'll post again if I find it, but keep looking, it's out there.
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http://www.bookendzdocks.com . Stand it on its end. As for the price...search for it on ebay.
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If you don't mind a slight angle this bookstand might do the trick.
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Response by poster: @hal_c_on that won't work if you've plugged any cables into the dock. it also seems to lack the stability of the Floater

@b1tr0t see my note about conserving desk space; i have a 24" monitor which is all the screen real estate i need

@O9scar that might just do the trick; good find, i didn't think to look for book holders.
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You could take two bricks wrapped in cloth if you want to go really cheap.
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