What are good sources for ethically sourced, plus-sized women's career clothing?
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What are good sources for ethically sourced, plus-sized women's career clothing?

I'm having trouble finding plus-sized clothing suitable for offices that are made without sweat shop labor and of sustainable materials (e.g. organic cotton, bamboo, recycled fibers, hemp, organic wool, etc.). Most of what I'm seeing for sale is either too small and/or too hip/too hippie for many offices. Anybody have any favorite stores to share? Preferably ones online, with stores in Minnesota or with catalogs available, but feel free to list others.
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How about considering hiring a seamstress to tailor make a few outfits? You then have more control over the fabrics and the patterns and best of all it is something you know is going to fit. It is also supporting the local economy and someone in your community.
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Response by poster: It's a possibility, although even more expensive than find green off the rack options, I suspect. And it would probably prompt a second post asking for sources for ethical fabric by the yard (which does have some appeal, I admit.)
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You can ask at fatshionista, but I know that many there have lamented the lack of "ethically sourced" clothes for fat chicks. Hell, it's hard to find natural fibers period if you are plus size.
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Some of the items at Deva Lifewear might fit. http://devalifewear.com . Not fancy, but nice plain pieces that wear extremely well. The Earth Creations is all organic fibers, and many of their other items are made in work-at-home cottage industry settings in the US. (If you call/email, they can give you specifics for whatever pieces you're interested in.)

I absolutely adore the Serenity skirt, which is in their heavier fabric (the Deva cloth): wears fantastically, looks great as a basic wardrobe piece, and I'm always getting compliments on it. (I wear a 2X: the skirt is your basic black.) The Dolman blouse is great, too.
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Both Lands End and LL Bean were certified as sweatshop-free back before the current administration. I'm not sure the designation is still in use by whichever US department used it.
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