Weekly meetings are the SUXORS
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A private Twitter for groups? I'm trying to come up with a novel solution for my office... We don't want to have weekly meetings to keep track of what each other is doing. Here's the situation...

We all work as consultants on a large project, although in different areas of expertise (though all aviation related).

Weekly meetings aren't cutting it - so I suggested that we do some sort of weblog or twitter-y kind of thing. Something that we can all post to on the fly...

It has to be easy to use. Not everyone here is computer savvy.
Everyone needs a unique userid so we can understand who's talking.
It has to be password protected and not viewable by the public.

Moral of the story is that we want a way to keep everyone updated in the group as to what we're all doing, WITHOUT having to have the dreaded weekly meeting.

Any ideas?? I figure there has to be SOME sort of software out there already. I thought twitter would be a good idea, but I'm not familiar with it and don't know if it can do the 'private group' thing.
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It seems that email would work really well for this. Come up with a distinctive subject line, set up a filter on everyone's mail so the updates go into a single folder. Need to check your updates? Look in the folder.
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Best answer: Basecamp! or Campfire.
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Have you considered a (private) weblog? Twitter may be a little too precious for your needs.
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Also, if you use Exchange with Outlook you can create private shared email folders.
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You could use something like wordpress I guess... It seems like something like basecamp might also be a good idea.
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There is a WordPress theme called Prologue that emulates the Twitter style.
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Best answer: Basecamp.
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Google Sites
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Set up a group at Google Groups. Private, extensible, yadda yadda yadda
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Pownce does the same 'post a quick message' thing that Twitter does, except that you can easily restrict it to a group of your contacts.
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Best answer: I'm assuming live discussion is important.

Twitter does let you have a private account. This means your postings are not visible to the public. Twitter has no groups per se. So you could make it work, although you might want a separate work account on Twitter, and it's not really set up for this kind of thing.

Also remember that each message has a max 140 character length, which might be a dealbreaker.

You can also do group chats using the jabber chat protocol (which is what Google uses), and if you use Google Talk, the chat transcript will appear in your gmail account..

But yeah, Campfire is really designed for exactly this kind of thing.
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Why are the weekly meetings dreaded? Maybe try changing your perception and switch to daily meetings.
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Response by poster: Campfire looks PERFECT.

Thanks hive mind!!!
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hiveminder.com is pretty cool
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At my work we have a few conference or group chats or whatever they're called on the company Jabber server. Works pretty well.

You could set up an IRC server for the company.

A while back I knew someone whose department all idled in a company MUD — different rooms for different states, activities, and so on.
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I'm sure campfire will work for you, but I want to throw in another vote for gmail / gchat. You can have live chats with individuals or groups, and the chat transcripts are saved with your email. Taggable, searchable, same as email. You can even respond to an email with a chat, or vice versa. I think it's pretty sweet.
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