Cheque dated tomorrow, can I cash it tonight?
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I have a cheque that's dated tomorrow. I could use the money tonight. When is the earliest I can put it in an ATM without worry? TD bank in Toronto by the way if it makes a difference.
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you can put it into the ATM at anytime without worry. if they pay attention to the date at all, they would just simply withhold the funds from your account until the date of the check.
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Don't most banks only allow you to withdraw a certain part of the check when you deposit it? For me it's usually $100 that is immediately available (when deposited at an ATM), and then the rest comes in when the whole check clears....
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It looks like in Canadian law, cheques are payable on demand, just as they are in England and the U.S. Postdating a cheque is legally meaningless.
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A cheque deposited in a TD ATM won't be 'processed' until the next business day (March 3rd). The funds will be in your account, but the actual deposit won't appear on your list of account activity until Monday. I'm assuming you have an account with TD like mine, and the cheque won't be held for any amount of time.

Deposit the cheque now. It's fine.
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People frequently post-date checks thinking that they are uncashable until the date on the check. As noted above, checks are payable on demand in the US and Canada.

Depending on the source of the check, I'd dispute the "it's fine" assertion. People post-date personal checks because they don't have the money in their account at the time. The check might be payable on demand but if it bounces, there's little comfort.
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I have had checks cashed regardless of the dte on them.
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You can cash it, the question is whether its polite to do so. If this is a cheque from a friend then I'd leave it til tomorrow. Usually when people post-date cheques its so that they know the money will be available for you, because if you cash it and its not they'll probably get a large fine from their bank and they might be a bit annoyed with you.
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If you deposit it after 6PM it will be processed on the next business, but you will be able to access the funds today.
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Actually, jdfan, it is not technically allowed to cash a post-date cheque in Canada until the due date, although cheques may in fact be processed by accident. According to the Canadian Payments Association:

What happens if a post-dated cheque is accepted and processed to my account before the due date?

Under CPA Rules, a post-dated cheque is not eligible for clearing and therefore should not be deposited before the due date. However, given the large volume of cheques and the degree of automated processing, some post-dated items may inadvertently slip through.
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Just to address missmagenta - as long as you cash it after closing of business hours today, then the money won't be withdrawn from the payer's account until the next business day, so to them it will be as if you cashed the cheque tomorrow (or, I guess, Monday - I'm not entirely sure about that one).

I do this all the time, btw, and it has never gotten me into trouble or not worked. Just make sure you wait until after 6pm.
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My landlord's bank (Desjardins) and my bank (PC) recently cashed a rent cheque of mine that was post-dated 8 months in the future, because my landlord apparently forgot he already deposited my rent for January and idiotically deposited the August 2008 cheque in my stack of post-dateds. So I have a feeling it just depends on who looks at it when the deposits are processed, and how diligent they are. But in any case nothing will likely happen until Monday, if you wait until after 5:00 today.
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If the check isn't drawn on TD, I sincerely doubt it would make it to the other bank before Monday, even if you were to deposit it right now.
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