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Good place to order 1989 Mercedes Benz w201 parts?

Preferably a website. I've done some Googling but most online stores look exactly the same. I'd like to buy from a site where someone else has had a good experience.
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The W201 is a neat car, and CrayDrygu posted two excellent suggestions for you!

I've also had a good experience with Since you're ordering parts, it's worth mentioning that Mercedes-Benz might offer official classic technical literature for your car. (Now you know what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, CrayDrygu. :-))
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Google Groups has a helpful bunch of Mercedes owners, and more than a few mechanics. Ask them. It's a good site for troubleshooting, also.
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I have a '74 W115...and the Benz dealer is by far the BEST place for parts. They are (shockingly) reasonably priced. For about $120 you can get a CD that has a lits of every part necessary to rebuild the car...which is very convenient. Otherwise you can just call the 800 number and they will fax you pages to make sure you are getting the part you want.

The good thing about buying from Mercedes directly is no shipping cost. If you order a part, they FedEx it to your closest dealer at no cost to you. They won't ship to your house, but who cares!
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