Help me find a creepy book from my childhood.
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When I was in third grade, there was a book at the library that I would go and find every couple of months. Having since, you know, grown old, I can't remember what it was called.

I remember surprisingly little about the book except how it made me feel (a little creeped out by the weirdness, but in a good way - a feeling I have pursued all my life since then). Here's what I do know:

- It was a large book (it seemed huge when I was a kid), but thin.
- The front and back covers both had a title on them, and they were different titles, and both were very long. I wish I could remember what one of them was. They were weird, nonsensical titles something in the vein of "The Magic Mixed-Up Upside-Down Dollhouse Army Nature Spaceship Book." Neither cover had pictures, just the titles in a blocky, retro font.
- Half of the pages inside the book were right side up. Half were upside down. Just like the covers.
- Every page had its own title. Each was a separate feature.
- I can't believe I remember so little about this book - I think it was so weird to me as a kid, so different from any other book, that I didn't know what to make of it. But mostly it was full of delightful, clever lies for children. There was one page where there was a picture of a moth, and the book insisted that moths could talk. They just don't want to. The book said that if you didn't believe it, you should go ask a moth if it could talk. It won't answer - thereby proving that they can but don't want to.

One hundred svolix points to anyone who knows what it is. Yes, you read that right. (They're redeemable for appreciation and good vibes from a stranger on the Internet.)
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What year was it when you were in third grade, svolix?
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I had this book.... let me dig around and see if I can figure it out.
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Best answer: The Animated Thumbtack Railroad Dollhouse and All-Around Surprise Book! by Louis Phillips and Lynn Braswell.
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Best answer: (Evening Edition)
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Response by poster: Oh my god! Two hundred svolix points to you.
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Reiterating the website mention on the blog link from jessamyn, if you are going to search the web for books from your childhood, you owe it to yourself to discover AbeBooks. It has the best selection of great children's books at fantastic prices.
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Response by poster: I went there and ordered a copy as soon as jessamyn posted her answer, in fact. Glad to hear a positive recommendation.
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On a whim I bought one too. Bet it's going to be fun.
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I had this book when I was a kid. Read it multiple times. Immensely enjoyable. Have fun!
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Here it is for $1.00
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I didn't see anything behind your link, nougat, but I ordered a copy from ABE Books for about $4 just today because my sister claims she CAN NOT REMEMBER this amazing book and now I must send her a copy.
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