Phoenix, AZ interior design needed.
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I'm looking for interior designers who specialize in commercial spaces in Phoenix, AZ.

My company is moving offices and looking to attract higher-end clientele. To that end, we are going to be leasing a much larger space and tricking out the lobby, which will also serve as a conference room. The rest of the building is a functional production area; all we need is for one room to be contemporary, stylish, clean, and impressive.

Can you recommend any interior designers or design firms (professionals only, no students please), or, failing that, help me figure out where or how to find a good one?
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OC, i'll forward this to my friend lisa who does exactly that exactly there.

if you want to e- or memail me i can perhaps facilitate a meeting.
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You are welcome to get in touch with our firm's interior designer. I'll memail you.
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A friend of my wife was a designer with SmithGroup here locally and from what I've seen from her/their portfolio, they're great. She moved to Dallas, and I am unsure if she is still working for them - they are a national firm.

If you prefer to deal with a smaller local company, I also have another friend who just started her own shop after doing corporate design work for years. If you're interested, MeFi mail me and I can get you her info.

(nice meeting you guys last night)
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Architect finder…
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