Adding aux input to 2004 Ford Explorer OEM stereo.
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I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with the OEM stereo (I think it's called the Audiophile; it's the one with the 6-disc in-dash changer), and I'd like to use the aux input with the headphone jack on my iPod and iPhone.

I envision using the aux input on the back (which I believe exists) to connect some sort of input converter or cable to provide an RCA (red/white) input. From there, I would run an RCA/minijack cable through the glove or center console or somewhere to plug in a device using the minijack end. I'm not interested in controlling the iPod from the headunit (except the volume, natch), putting in a new deck, or using some sort of FM modulator. So, to make a long story short (too late), I'm looking for recommendations and advice on the right type of converter/adapter/cable/connection to use. Googling has confused me. Anyone have luck doing this? Specific stores/website ( Thanks in advance!
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Go to Radio Shack and buy an RCA-to-mini-stereo cable. I've got a couple, and provided you don't mind fiddling with the levels a bit before you play music, it'll work just fine.
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Response by poster: To clarify, I'm looking for info on a device that would be installed between the headunit and the RCA-to-mini stereo cable.
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Will this work for you? It shows 2004 Ford Explorer Audiophile w/ Sub as a compatible vehicle. Also says that if you have NAV or Satellite on your stereo it is not compatible.

I went through a similar situation installing an iPod interface in a 2002 Cavalier I had. I had to jump through hoops to retain my warning chimes, because the factory stereo had NO aux input at all, so I had to replace the head unit, which played the warning chimes through the stereo system.

Best of luck!
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Sorry for the double-post, but I'd also recommend an RCA to iPod Dock cable, instead of mini-jack. You'll get a line-level output that way, instead of having to worry about what the iPod volume is set to in addition to your car stereo.

As a bonus, if you don't mind a little extra wiring, you can get an RCA to iPod Dock cable that also has power wiring so you can charge your iPod while you are using it in your vehicle.
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Crutchfield is almost always the place to check out for car stereo stuff- they research the vehicles themselves, and you can talk to someone on the phone or chat online if you need help. They list an adapter as available, but states that the factory radio must NOT have a built-in cd changer. I'd say give them a shout and see what the installation folks have to say.
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