6" or less please
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Looking for a low profile bath room faucet. One handle controls only please.

My existing faucet is tall enough that when the handle is lifted up and the water is running, the over-sink cabinet door slaps it when I open the cabinet. I hate that. My google-foo has been unsuccessful. I want something that is one handle and really flat. This is awesome but only a design concept at this point. The entire thing has to be less than 6 inches tall, even when any handles are lifted up. I swear I have seen similar faucets, which have this waterfall-type spout, but I cannot find a one now that I am looking to buy.
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3" high closed looks like another 3" of travel with a short, single handle (check out the info / guides for the pdf with the specifications).
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This one appears to be only 5 1/2":

Okay, I'm having trouble getting it to link, but it's Coralais® single-control centerset lavatory faucet by Kohler.
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I personally like Faucet Direct b/c they have really good search options. You can't search on handle height, but you can search on spout height. Using that search, here are a few options (Most of them would be pretty close to 6" fully extended):


American Standard


Dreamline (This looks like one of your best bets b/c according to the spec sheet it is only 4" tall, so even with the handle extended you should be OK)

Kohler (I believe this is the same one mentioned above)
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