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What is your favorite spa in the Atlanta area and why?

For my 21st birthday I am planning a 3 day/ 2 night trip to Atlanta. For one of the days I would like to do a half-day spa package.

I am open to what the package includes but I would probably be interested in something like:

-about 4/5 hours
-glass of wine, possibly food
-something else relaxing

What is your favorite spa in the Atlanta area and why? It would be great if the spa was in a hotel, but if not it should be close to a moderatly nice hotel. (Hotel reccomendations will not be frowned upon either.)
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Response by poster: I should also mention that I have never been to a spa before, so you are welcome to reccomend certain treatments.
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Chateau Elan. It's 40 miles northeast on I-85, but that counts as Atlanta exurbs. And it's a fracking fake French country house with a vineyard in the ATL exurbs.

It makes me cringe, but I have heard good things about the spa.
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Best answer: Mrs. Scoo really liked Key Lime Pie in Virginia Highlands when I sent her there. Lotsa cute little shops and pubs in the neighborhood too.
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Spa Sydell is one of the big names in town. I've been a few times and it was OK. I guess there was nothing really wrong but I wasn't overwhelmed for the price. Haven't been in a couple of years so it may have changed. I've been to the spa at the Ritz at Lake Oconee and it was fantastic. It is about an hours drive east of the city on I-20 so it would take some planning but the Ritz is wonderful!! Great resturants and just lots of "ritzy" comfort all around. Enjoy your stay and have fun!!
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It is similar to amenities to Chateau Elan, but more on your side of Atlanta (since I see you are in Savannah), many people swear by the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee.
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Natural Body Day Spa was very nice when I went. It's not attached to a hotel . . . well, actually, I'm lying, apparently they have a location at the Omni Hotel, but I dont know anything about that particular hotel, other than it's at CNN Center and I would assume it's nice. I had a 30 minute massage there and it was worth every penny. They're supernice; no one I know has ever had a bad experience there.

Spa Sydell is okay. Given the choice I'd go to Natural Body every time.
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Atlanta magazine is actually profiling spas in the current issue. If you can find a newstand with it, it would be worth a peek. I also prefer Natural Body to Spa Sydell (just so-so); my favorite is Key Lime Pie - Stephanie and Sam are both great for massage. Some of the fancy downtown hotels have spas too - if you can't find a copy of Atlanta magazine, memail me, and I'll send you some info.

There are a few new spas in town like Azul, but haven't tried it myself yet.

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I third Natural Body to Spa Sydell. I've been to Key Lime (used to live in the neighborhood) and love the atmosphere and the service but I hate Aveda products which they use exclusively.

I've also heard good things about the spa at the Four Seasons and BlueMedSpa, both in midtown.
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