where would tupac *not* go to collectively mix music online?
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i'm looking for a site like jamglue, but one more focussed on the indie-rock/acoustic stuff, and way less consumed by hip-hop? what are similar web-based, track editing/mixing alternatives?

[not that there's anything wrong with hip-hop, of course, just not my thing at the moment]
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Response by poster: in case i haven't been clear (likely): i'm looking for a sort of uber-mefi-music website, one that allows users to upload tracks, then mix them with the tracks submitted by others.

i first heard of jamglue on a random NPR piece eons ago, and as far as interface and mix-ability goes, it rocks. but the user-base seems to be 99.7% rap oriented, whereas i would love to collaborate with some folks posting simple guitar/electronica tracks. surely there's an 'analog' site to which a different audience is flocking?

if i had a track handy i might cross-post this to mefi-music...hrmmm
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Well.. i do not know of any alternatives, i can only say, try to get the interest of other genres drawn to the site? I am not much into rap either, but i am into rock asf., so i will be checking out the site now.. At least you've got one other, now.
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