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How can I create an animated powerpoint w/ audiotrack...all embedded in one file?

So I've got all my slides prepared, and I have a script for what I want to say over them. How can I animate the powerpoint, record a sound file synchronized w/ the slides, and package it all in one file?

Would it have to be flash? If so, how?

BTW...I'm actually using OpenOffice Impress.
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I'm guessing you're on Windows. You can record yourself going through the presentation with CamStudio running. It will make a movie file which you can then convert to flash. There are also other solutions like vnc2swf but CamStudio is the most straightforward.
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You could also convert the slides to jpgs and insert them into any video making software (Windows Movie Maker or Vegas Movie Studio), time them to match your sound file and then save it as a video (mov, mpg, etc.). For that matter, you can embed a sound file in Power Point, and I set the slides to advance automatically. You'd just have to very meticulously choose how many seconds each slide is on the screen. I've done that before, but using video software is much easier. I'm not sure whether Impress does the same thing.
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Actually, PowerPoint does this for you -- IIRC you can tell it to "record show" and then you give the presentation into a mike and it records the timings and everything. No idea if OpenOffice does the same but it's worth checking the docs if you haven't already.
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Use the option to make a slidecast on
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