Fun date outings for a native NYCer?
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Please suggest fun date outings in Manhattan for a transplant and a New York City native.

Anonymous as I've recently persuaded my gal pal to start reading the site. (email:

We're both in our mid-twenties; I'm a transplant but have knocked around New York for a few years, while she's lived here her entire life.

We typically meet up on Saturday afternoons, and frequently go out for dinner and see the occasional movie and show, but other more interesting ideas would be welcome. Things to do in Manhattan would be ideal.

She's very big into musicals (has seen nearly everything on Broadway and many things off), British comedy, good literature, and vegetarian fare. She's not so much interested in the local museums, the bar/club scene, or doing huge amounts of drinking and dancing. I've tried the board games and staying in bit, but after a long week, mental gymnastics isn't a huge amount of fun.

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If she likes musicals but hasn't gotten into modern dance, the Paul Taylor company has just started its new season. I'm a born NYer and my transplant GF is taking me next Saturday - she took me to Alvin Ailey last month and I loved it.

Snowboarding classes? Windham Mountain is just a couple of hours upstate, you can take the early Amtrak to Hudson, rent a car from Enterprise, go play in the snow, then drop off the car and have dinner at Swoon or Ca'Mea which are both near the train station in Hudson.
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