Where shall I buy some wood?
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Where might one find dimensioned hardwood lumber in Chicago?

I'm looking for some maple and mahogany, and maybe some spruce and walnut later. I don't have access to a planer or thickness sander, so it has to be the right thickness. If I can get the other dimensions right, that's great too.

I've ordered a board or two online from Rockler before, and was happy with what they sent, but they don't seem to have the sizes I need. I'd like to buy locally if possible, anyway.

Thank y'!
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Have you tried wood world? Most of their stuff isn't dimensioned, but from their site they say they have a millwork shop that offers all the services you'd need. On that note if you're going to be doing much of this in the future you may want to join the Chicago park district wood shops - they are fully stocked with all the tools you might need and cost about $40 / 12 weeks for Chicago residents.
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The folks who are very serious about quality wood in Chicago buy it at Owl Hardwood. Definitely worth the trip outside of the Chicago city limits.
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Response by poster: Thank you both. Wood World's not so far, so I'll check it out this weekend.

And I have indeed signed up for the Lincoln Park CC's wood shop. Should be interesting.
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