Circus Seating Suggestions
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Where are the best seats for viewing a 3-ring circus (Ringling Brothers) in an indoor stadium?

By this I mean is it better to be close to the floor or on the second level? Should I get tickets near the middle of the seats (50-yard line) or are seats at the ends just as good. We'd like to be able to see as much of the action as possible, obviously.

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Been to Ringling Bros once. Try to get the middle of the arena, as close to the floor as possible. The clowns talk and they're un-miked -- if you're up high, you can't hear it.
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A lot depends on the layout of the arena. We just saw the smaller Ringling Brothers unit and from about 20 rows back we were close enough to hear everything and high enough to get a good view of the acts that were on the other side of the arena from us. The middle is definitely the way to go.
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