Recommend boutique hotels in London
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I want to stay in a boutique hotel over Christmas, ideally in east central London (not central central London.)

The obvious candidate would be The Rookery but it is shut. Any other suggestions gratefully received.
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Best answer: You've asked for East Central London so I will stick to recommendations in the area.

Round the corner from The Rookery, overlooking beautiful Charterhouse Square, is one of the nicest hotels in the Malmaison group.

You may want to investigate The Fox & Anchor which has just been launched by the chief of the Malmaison - it's an updated take on an old inn which might capture a little of the Rookery's charm.

The Zetter is one of the area's best known boutique hotels, a lot more modern in tone than the Rookery and playing up its tech credentials, but worth a look.

The Great Eastern Hotel in Liverpool Street used to be terrific - unfortunately it was sold by Conran to another group and then to Hyatt. It is now called (the shame!) Andaz and I can't vouch for it but it's worth checking out.

The Hoxton Hotel has had mixed reviews and again I haven't stayed there, but it aims to situate itself at the value end of the boutique market.
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Best answer: Threadneedles on Threadneedle Street (opposite the Bank of England) is an excellent 5* boutique, that often has good deals available through sites like

The bar is an excellent start to an evening :)

When I stayed there a couple of weeks ago, a deluxe double room was going for £150 per room per night.
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Response by poster: These are great answers!

I should have mentioned Zetter in my original question. I thought about it but it seems a little clinical in its design. It also doesn't have the most secluded location.

I sort of discounted Malmaison as being too big but I was probably wrong and I will have a look.

The Fox & Anchor and Threadneedles look very interesting.
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RE: The Rookery- Do you mean shut at that time, or shut in general ? Two folks from my office stayed at the Rookery last week.
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Response by poster: The Rookery is shut on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is when I want to be there.
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I stay at the Hoxton regularly and it is also quite clinical. It has a very modern low-lighting vibe which some people find just plain annoying. I personally love it.
There is a huge buzz around 6-8 when all the office crowd come in to get smashed, and then it quietens down. I've recently had a lot of opportunities to try nearby restaurants and there's a great selection.
The main thing for me though is that booking in advance I can get it under my company's per diem limit of £150per night.
As one of the posters says, using I have also been able to stay at 4 and 5 star hotels for that, so I have done that for the last 2 months.
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Andaz was absolutely spectacular, if you can afford it, go for it.
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FWIW, I have some friends staying at the Hoxton right now, and they're loving it.
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there's a world of difference in every sense between the Hoxton and Andaz. I really enjoyed them both, but the last word in luxury was Andaz, especially the champagne bar.

My only caveat was I was in the Hoxton with people I loved, and in the Andaz on business. Pity really as it is clearly meant for lovers!
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Response by poster: Andaz's website is bloody awful! I'm unable to get any basic information out of it. Thanks for the strong endorsement though, I will check it out.
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