Cheap herpes blood tests in NYC?
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My partner and I want to get herpes blood tests -- the cheaper, the better -- in New York.

We aren't interested in opinions on whether having the test is advisable.

NYC offers free STD testing -- but only for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and hepatitis C. Not herpes.

Through my student health center, I can get the blood test for $160. I consider this unfortunately high for me, and my partner isn't a student. We don't have insurance that covers the test.

Again, we're looking for a blood test, not a swab test. A type-specific test would be great, although we recognize its limitations and realize it wouldn't tell us the site of infection.

We've heard HerpeSelect (of Focus) and Captia (of Trinity Biotech) recommended as more accurate, with fewer false negatives. Providers that offer these tests would be extra-super-ideal, but obviously, we'll take what we can get.

We'll go anywhere accessible by public transport.

I'm sorry if I sound stiff or cold -- I'm just trying to discourage derailing with opinions of whether the test is worthwhile. We are well-informed and we know we want the test, the question is just where. Thank you guys very much!
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I'm on the other end of country but have you tried some of the local blood banks? The ones over here offer blood testing for various things (HIV/Hepatitus mostly) that may include herpes but in any case are really inexpensive. They may want to tap a vein in return, but hey, thats not a bad price for peace of mind. Worth asking anyway.
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Contact one of the Ryan Centers. Maybe you could be able to say that you've been tested for herpes by Chelsea Clinton! Or not.
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Go to a doc who specializes in gay patients. This cost me a little more than you want to pay, but I got several tests out of it.

This is what I did, when I wanted a herpes and an ELISA HIV test (as ELISA finds HIV antibodies much sooner that Western blot can). I paid $200 cash (versus $250 billed), got my blood taken, and got the HIV and HSV-1 and HSV-2 tests. All negative. (I am, or at least then was, in the minority that is not sero-positive for either HSV-2 or the more common HSV-1.)

Since ELISA is also used to determine HIV load, the nurse assumed I was HIV-positive and coming in to monitor my HIV antibody concentration, and complimented me on being so calm and enured to getting "stuck" for blood. The truth is, I had a new gf and wanted to be super-sure I was not communicable.
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