Uses For Orange Rinds & Pulp?
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I've been squeezing oranges for the lat 2 hours. I have a big bowl of pulp and a kitchen bag full of rinds. Any cooking/baking/home use suggestions?
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well, for the rinds you could dry them and then set them about the house as potpurri (that's not spelled right, is it ?). you could also boil them on the stove to the same effect. if you like the smell of citrus, anyway.
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Best answer: Candied orange.

Grind the orange peel in the garbage disposal. It smells heavenly and freshens the disposal.

Orange zest for all sorts of recipes. Here's one. I can vouch that it's delicious and easy to make.
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Theres 167 results if you search for "orange" on Tastespotting.

LoriFLA beat me to the "candied orange" suggestion. *shakes fist*
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fry the peels in oil with a bit of chile to make a fantastic sauce for orange chicken. dredge the chx in egg/flour, fry in the oil, remove from oil, add a bit of orange juice and flour to a small amt of the oil after removing the peel, and voila.
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Best answer: Shave the white bits off the rind, and soak said rind in vodka for a couple of weeks. Strain, and mix the steeped vodka with simple sugar syrup. Homemade Cointreau!
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Put the zest in a food processor with sugar. (Roughly zest of 1 orange in 2 cups plus of sugar.) Grind it up. You now have orange sugar that you can use to flavor any number of things, bake with, etc.
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Best answer: Dry the rinds (just lay them in a warm room near a window) and use them as moth and silverfish repellant in your cupboard.
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Four words: Honeyed Orange Ginger Muffins. Good use for your pupl, your rinds and your juice and man oh man, are they ever deeeeeeeee-LISH.
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YES to candied orange peel. I don't do the blanching thing, but I have a high bitterness tolerance. Grapefruit peels work great, too, but lemon, lime, and tangerine, not so much--they don't seem to absorb enough sugar.
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